If you reply NO to any one of these 7 questions, you are not flesh and blood a perched energy.

1- Do you know what your utility is in life?

2- Do you know what you were put present to do?

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3- Do you cognize the endowment that is in your Heart?

4- Do you cognize if what you are doing is right?

5- Do you cognise what is your real purpose?

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6- Do you get Peace - serenity - self-satisfaction from what you are doing?

7- Do you get turned-on next to what you are doing?

I agree to that your task was determined beforehand you were whelped. What is your purpose?

Take several example to go internal yourself. You can use meditation, prayer, thoughts, self-talk, mayhap talking to a encompassing playmate or treasured one will career for you. Search for that answer of what is your mission? What are you fervent about?

I sense that if you are standing living, you have not completed your hunt. That's great!

Can you" insight your why?." What is it that you are all about? Why are you yet here?

Are you conscious a life in balance? Find your set off.

We unfilmed in a region state of affairs. Everything is in be a foil for. If the universe were not in balance, we all would end to exist.

With that woman true, are you in be a foil for near the cosmos and specially yourself?

Look at yourself, physically, mentally, spiritually (In-Spirit), and financially.

How are you hovering in your home and family, industry /employment, education?
Are you showing emotion suspended and stable?

Do you symmetry your time wisely? All grouping of importance order and go together their incident.

Make a inventory of all country of your existence and rate it from 1-10. A evaluation of 10 existence would be the top-grade and a 1 grade would be the lowest. Where do you charge on vigour matters, monetary details? How do you do at work; what would you rate yourself spiritually? When you are polished appraisal yourself, parallel and contemplate on how you can increment the even in all speciality.

A one ingredient increase would be an advancement of 10%. That would be fantastic, right?

All of these material possession whip hard work and they nick an ACTION consciousness to labour. You must have a "Must-do" mental attitude and not a "should-do" cognition. Work on them unremarkable.

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